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Live Free and Travel was designed to help people get what they want out of life. We take pride in exploring the world, learning from different cultures, and meeting new and exciting people every chance we get. Our passion is TRAVEL and LIFE EXPERIENCE!! Our community is comprised of people from different locations around the globe and who all share a common interest, the desire to Live Free and Travel.If you ask most people, they say they want to travel, see the world, and experience culture but most of them simply close their eyes and fantasize of such a wonderful life. Unfortunately, they never realize their dreams.

Live Free and Travel takes those dreams and helps people understand that with the right information, those dreams can become reality!

Come join us as we explore the adventure that is life.  We will share with you our travel experiences, photos and news from the places we’ve visited and offer you plenty of information as to how YOU TOO can enjoy a Live Free and Travel lifestyle.

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